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Sarasota Screen LLC

Screen & Aluminum Service

Pool Cage Make Over

  After just a few years you can notice how time and Florida weather affect your screen enclosure. 

  Depending on where you live, screws will rust in 4, 5 or fewer years and will eventually break, compromising the integrity and strength of your cage, and leaving ugly stains.

After 7 or more years your screens will become brittle and will easily tear affecting the aesthetics of your house and inviting insects and critters inside your patio enclosure.

  You can get a new cage and pay $5 or more/sq.ft. or ... get a Makeover, at just a quarter or a third of that price, bringing your screen enclosure to a like new appearance.

  Currently we offer different Makeover options:


  • Standard 18x14 mesh screen
  • 20x20 mesh screen (finer mesh, no-see-ums screen)
  • Super-screen (stronger and longer lasting, 10-year warranty)
  • Specialty screens: Florida-glass (privacy), Pet-screen (pet resistant), Sun-screen (improved sun protection)
  • 2-year warranty on labor and materials, Super-screen 10-year manufacturer warranty

  Old screens will be removed and disposed of. Only top quality screen and spline are utilized. Flaw and wrinkle free guaranteed.

 Screw Replacement:

  • Ceramic coated steel screws (less expensive option)
  • 304 series ultra-coated stainless steel screws (top quality, rust proof, coated white or bronze to match your enclosure)
  • Complete replacement or bottom screws (tapcons) only
  • 5-year warranty (304 stainless steel), and 2-year warranty (steel screws)

  All rusted screws will be removed and disposed of. We use a rust remover to eliminate rust stains and even touch-up paint if necessary.

Screen Enclosure Painting and Pressure Washing:

  • Painting and pressure cleaning professionally done by Ultimate Services Co. Excellent quality and finish at very competitive prices.
  • We can arrange and schedule the whole painting and pressure cleaning job for our customers and there is never a mark-up on their prices (you get the job done by professionals without paying extra)

  With a complete Pool Cage Makeover we can bring your screen enclosure to new or better than new standards for a fraction of the cost of a brand new enclosure.

  Call Juan Zorrilla for more information: (941) 928-2296

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